Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tumbleweed BBQ

Tremonton City Days BBQ Competition

Come for the fun, Come for the Food,
Experience a BBQ Competition!

Sign up at Big "O" Tire in Tremonton
or visit tumbleweedbbq.com to sign up on the internet.

Entry fee of only $25
Awesome Trophies and Prizes!

Show us how well you can cook Chicken and Ribs!

Competition Information
For questions call:
Mike at Tumbleweed BBQ 435-730-3051
Here is a link to the registration form:
  • Be there by 7:00 am. You will need to set up your cook space. If your booth is not setup by 7:00, you will have to cart your items in by hand. 7:00 am is when they close the park to vehicle traffic. After 7:00 there cannot be any vehicles in the park. Your small cooking trailers are acceptable to be on the lawn. You may bring your set up in Friday night as we will be there then.
  • You must attend a cooks meeting that is to be held at 8:00 am at the Tumbleweed BBQ Booth.
  • We will be around at 8:30 am (after the cooks meeting) to inspect your meats. All meat must be held under 40 degrees. Meat in a cooler completely covered with ice is usually sufficient. Meat may not be seasoned or marinated before inspection of meat.
  • Entries may be prepared on any charcoal or wood grill or smoker. Propane grills or smokers may be used however they MUST be commercially manufactured. No homemade propane cookers will be allowed. If your cooking device sets on the ground or is close to the ground, you must provide adequate protection to prevent burning of the lawn. Sheets of plywood are good for this.
  • Chicken will be turned in at 2:00, + or - 5 minutes
  • Ribs will be turned in at 2:30, + or - 5 minutes
  • You will only have a 10 minute window of time to turn in your entries!
  • Entries will not be accepted before the 5 minute window, entries will not be accepted after the 5 minute window, the association official will walk the team area on Saturday and show all teams an atomic clock from which they may set their own time pieces.
  • Turn in boxes MAY NOT use garnishes like in the Pro Divisions. You will be provided a piece of aluminum foil to place in the bottom of the box to prevent the melting of the box. DO NOT place anything else in your box except the meat and foil! This is an effort to equal out the skill level of the cooks and allow a beginning cook to compete on the same level as more seasoned cooks.
  • Ribs must be turned in on the bone. Chicken can be sliced, pulled, shredded or chopped or whole pieces, however 6 whole chicken thighs are recommended.
  • There must be at least 6 identifiable portions for each category. If chopped, pulled or shredded chicken is turned in, have a large enough pile for 6 judges.
  • In order to be qualified for the Grand Champion and RGC you must cook both categories, but you can take top honors in either category on its own. The GC and RGC awards will go to the teams who have the highest combined points of the two meat categories.
  • The Awards Ceremony will be at 3:30 pm. It will be at the Stage location.
  • Water is NOT available, bring your own.
  • Electricity is not available, plan accordingly.
  • Bring an awning for shade or rain protection. It can get VERY hot standing in the sun all day, and is impossible to cook in the rain. If you do not have any shade, please contact me, I may be able to help.
  • Bring tables to work on. I see too may guys show up with nothing to work on.
  • I would suggest 2 sets of utensils. one for raw and one for finished meats. That way you can clean up at home and not cross contaminate your food.
  • Hand washing set-up. We are dealing with raw meat here! Example:

Here is a checklist that My friend Brian posted the other day that he uses in the Pro Division.

Of course you will not need all of this, it is just for a suggestion.



Cooking Supplies

Grill / Smoker

Charcoal / Wood chunks (Mesquite, Oak, Apple)


Butter knife

Cutting boards (2) (disposable)

Pot holders

Black gloves


Spray bottle (apple juice)

Thermometers (5)

Aprons (3)

Ash Can




Propane tank

Weed burner

Gas stove

Sauce brush

Sauce mop

Sauce pan (2)

WSM Grill (2)

Butcher paper







Pork Butts




Rubs (chicken, ribs, pork, brisket)

Marinade (brisket, Pork)

Apple Juice

Sauce (chicken and ribs)


Injector syringes

Worcestershire sauce


Ice Tea

Water bottles


Coffee pot

Coffee cups

Italian dressing

Water jug (1 gallon)


Tea bags



Storage / Cleaning

Coolers (3) Meat, Red, Winder Farms

Dish tubs (2 gray, 1 pink)

Dish rags

Dish towels

Ziploc bags (1 gallon and 2.5 gallon)

Water containers (2)

Aluminum pans (Deep dish and square)

Aluminum foil

Bleach wipes

Hand sanitizer

Paper towels

Trash bags

Wet wipes

Bath towels (4) Foil bags



Welder gloves

Buckets (5 blue, 1 white)

Silver baking trays


Hot water generator (Coleman)

Trash Barrell




Tables (Long white, short white, card)

Chairs (3)

Team Banner

Bug spray

Extension cords (100ft and green cord)

Power Strip

Work lights (1)

First aid kit

Flashlights and flashlight lantern



Tarps (2)

Duct tape

Paper plates


Tool box (wrench, screw driver, hammer)




Fire extinguisher

TV tray (2)

Bungee cords

Sleeping bags (2)

Sleeping pads (2)


Computer Speakers



  1. Nice job Mike. Man, I didn't realize I brought so much stuff. I had better pare that down some.


  2. No Need! Just get a bigger truck!